die-chan (dare_darou) wrote,

Poe.. his name is Poe Dameron

on 31st December, I declare myself to be officially Poe Dameron's fangirl.

That's right.. Poe Dameron, the greatest pilot in the whole galaxy who can fly anything, especially my fandom zone *sigh.

So yeah, since that day, I can't stop babling about this guy, two of my friend, which I only know them from the internet, and live far far away from my country told me that I'm in love with Poe Dameron..

Well, who doesn't?

He's a great pilot
He's hot
He's sexy
He got a very good sense of humor
He owns a very cute android
He owns a badass X-wing fighter
He's a commander

who in real live can..

sing nicely
playing bass
playing guitar
dancing swiftly
and of course, acting.. but.. well, let's go back to Poe Dameron.

I'm more into Poe instead into Oscar Isaac, because.. Oscar is not the best pilot in the whole galaxy, that's why :(

So I decide I'm the OSCAR ISAAC FANS WHEN HE'S HANDSOME ONLY. Because that can't be helped.

But, one thing for sure. I don't think I will collecting Poe Dameron figurines.. if you know what I mean..

This.. makes me cries :(

And then again, there's some stuff that already in my bucket list..

Poe Dameron body pillow.. which fortunately been made by Indonesian artist, so it makes me easier to order.

And this one,

Poe Dameron comic which is ready to be released this April 2016.

The comic is about Poe before The Force Awaken, and if I'm not wrong Oscar Isaac himself give some of his idea for this book. Wouldn't it be fantastic to see Oscar imagination for Poe? Because Oscar is quite impressed himself lol. So yeah, I guess this is a must have one. And I already find where I can order this.. hopefully this won't make me poor instantly T_T.

So, I guess all my friend have to hang on with me, since I will rambling about Poe over and over and over again for .. ever perhaps?
Tags: poe, poedameron, starwars, the force awaken
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