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Day 29 : The person you want to tell everything, but too afraid || Babang...

Day 29 : The person you want to tell everything, but too afraid of #30DaysOfLife

It have to be Babang!! it have to be him! XDD

Actually he's a funny and friendly person. But there's time when .. even tho he's faaaaaaaaar away from me I could tell you that he had this SCARY AURA lol. So, I always be very careful with my words and timing.

I understand, because of his very busy schedule, and perhaps there's some shit happens on his work and make his mood become sour, and the scary aura emerges from him .. haha~ *dry laugh.

But it's okay. I've learned about this.. so whenever I want to talk to him, I just use my feeling if it's the correct time, and I also see how he's going, is it a busy day or not, is he tired or not. And when I had the chance to talked to him, now I know when to stop.

I don't mind being like this. I know somehow he already understand what I mean anyway lol.

But yeah, actually I would love to write him something like, I love you!! I miss you!! every single day. But wouldn't it be boring? So I just keep it inside my heart and save it for the best of time ^_^.

I just wish we will meet again and have time to talked face to face.. or perhaps just sit silently side by side, because that will be enough for me ^^
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