die-chan (dare_darou) wrote,

Day 23 : The last person you've kissed || dududu~♪

Day 23 : The last person you've kissed of #30DaysOfLife

The last person I've kissed??

Well, few days ago was a big day for muslems. And as an Indonesian tradition, the big families must gathered around. So, the last person that I've kissed must be all my relatives. It's part of tradition to give a simple peck to the relatives or people who we know closely. Or sometimes with the older one we used to kissed their hands first before gives pecks..

Huh.. do you mean kiss passionately?? Can I put my kitten in here?? Since I love to kiss her belly and unyel2 her?? XDD

N'ah, I don't want to talk about the last person that I've been making out with. It's a history.. let's meet a better future now!
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